Timeless beauty: celebrating mum’s radiance with Revox B77

Mar 12, 2024

Using good skincare products as you get older is crucial for combating aging signs, maintaining hydration and moisture levels, and protecting your skin from environmental damage. By investing in quality products that address your skin's specific needs and concerns, you can promote a more youthful, radiant complexion and enjoy healthier, more resilient skin as you age.

This Mother’s Day let's honour the timeless beauty of all the amazing mothers out there. Celebrate their radiance by treating them to an affordable but indulgent anti-aging skincare regimen designed by Revox B77 and tailored to help mums feel their best.

Six Gifts for Mum’s Skincare Routine:

JUST Retinol Toner - Turning Back the Clock

The power of retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin renewal, and evening out skin tone.

JUST Peptides 10% - Boosting Elasticity

Peptides enhance skin elasticity, firmness, and rejuvenation, giving youthful glow.

JUST AHA Acids 30% - Revitalising Renewal

AHA acids exfoliate gently, revealing smoother, brighter skin, and diminishing signs of aging.

JUST Coenzyme Q10 - Energizing Skincare

Coenzyme Q10 energises skin cells, fighting against free radicals and minimises age-related damage.

JUST Daily Sun Shield - Guarding Radiance

The importance of using daily sun protection prevents premature aging and maintains youthful looking skin.

JUST Vitamin C 20% - Brightening Brilliance

Vitamin C boosts collagen production, fades dark spots, and gives a radiant complexion.