Nurture the bond: celebrating motherhood with healthy hair by Revox B77

Mar 5, 2024

Good hair care products can help nourish and protect your hair, keeping it healthy and vibrant despite the natural aging process. As hair becomes thinner and more fragile with age, using quality hair care products can help maintain its strength and resilience.

This Mother's Day, honour the timeless connection between mothers and children with REVOX B77’s haircare range, designed to nurture more than just strands. Just as mothers pour love and care into their children, their products are crafted to nourish and revitalise hair, fostering a connection that goes beyond beauty.

Like the gentle touch of a mother, their formulas infuse every strand with the nourishment it deserves, strengthening bonds and leaving a lasting impression. Because caring for your hair is more than a routine—it's an expression of love and self-care.

Treat the mum in your life with REVOX B77 five steps to nourished hair this Mother’s Day:


PLEX Perfecting Treatment Step 3

Developed to replenish damaged and colour-treated hair from the inside out. Use before Bond Care Shampoo.


PLEX Bond Care Shampoo Step 4

Formulated to deeply hydrate and repair frizzy, damaged or colour treated hair and maintain an optimal hydro balance.


PLEX Bond Care Conditioner Step 5

A reparative conditioner works to deeply hydrate and nourish hair fibers and thoroughly replenish damaged, colour-treated hair.


PLEX Bond Smoothing Creme Step 6

A concentrated leave-in cream is designed to repair damaged hair while protecting it from harmful external factors for an extended salon-like sleek frizz.


PLEX Bond Repairing Oil Step 7

This concentrated yet lightweight oil is created to provide hair with the ultimate salon-like luxurious silky finish. It repairs the damaged hair structure, reducing the risk of further breakage and split ends.