Try These Dry Hair Products To Save Your Damaged Hair

Dec 19, 2022

We’re writing this blog in the Winter so the dry hair is definitely in full force, the cold weather, the rain, and the wind. It’s all adding up to a hair disaster. Help! Don't worry, try these dry hair products and give your damaged hair the love it needs.

The big hair no-nos and alternatives

  1. Not conditioning - if you’re not conditioning your hair after every shampoo, you’re not giving your hair the best chance of repair. Adding conditioner to your haircare routine can help prevent damage.

  2. Rubbing your hair with your towel - Argh! Stop. If you have time, let it air dry or wrap your hair in a towel. This will be much better than a shock to the hair with your current aggressive towel-rubbing technique. 

  3. Aggressive brushing - Another aggressive one, brushing your hair excessively can damage hair roots and increase hair loss, try to use a wide-tooth comb when you can and go gentle, avoid pulling. Using a conditioner will help remove tangles more easily too. 

  4. Nasty dyes and colouring - we’re sure you know how damaging relaxing and colouring your hair can be, to reduce the damage they do - go professional and have one service at a time. If you have a colour and perm, try to leave at least two weeks between them. Using a leave-in conditioner can also help protect your colour and hair from the sun. 

Hair product types for damaged hair

From daily products to quick repair treatments, the list of product types for damaged hair can get pretty long. We like to put them into four key categories, conditioners, hair masks, hair oils and treatments. 

Add these four key products into your hair routine and you’ll be well on your way to healthier hair, whatever your hair type.


Using a quality hair conditioner will make your hair easier to style and healthier with every wash. Great conditions will be colour-safe, protect and repair your damaged hair, and fix broken bonds and smooth split end. 

Hair Masks

Masks can be a quick fix for dryness and visual damage. Look out for hair masks that include professional ingredients and amino acids. A quality mask will leave you with noticeably luxurious, conditioned hair.

Hair oils

Styling oils are another great quick fix to the appearance and texture of your hair. Using a hair oil can increase shine, and softness and reduce frizz if you’re prone to flyaways!


Similar to hair masks, hair treatments like leave-in smoothing cremes can increase moisture and can be left in for up to 72 hours, perfect for the working week. 

Olaplex - your new favourite hair product?

Fixing damaged hair can be done with great hair care products, but be sure to keep on top of dryness and damage by building a healthy hair routine - helping prevent damage, rather than fixing it later.

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